Health System Finance Review

Sudan is on the road to achieving universal health care for all its citizens. As a part of this, the Public Health Institute led a 5 member team in a comprehensive review of the health system financing. The exercise followed the Organizational ASsessment for Improving and Strengthening health financing system (OASIS) guidelines, in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Fund, the World Health Organization and the Federal Ministry of Health.


Fifth Public Health Forum

The fifth Global Health Strategy workshop to discuss Sudan’s post 2015 agenda on the Millennium Developmental Goals, as a recommendation from the first workshop held in April, 2013, was held on December 5th in the Salam Rotana hotel, attended by representatives and policy makers from different ministries, mainly the ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs, Trade, Social Welfare, the National Population Council, the National Council for Child Welfare, the WHO and several UN agencies, as well academics and representatives from different embassies.


Professional Development Opportunity for Community Leaders in Sudan

 The application for the 2014 Community Solutions Program is now open.






Third Public Health Forum

The third Public Health Forum disseminates the results for the Human Resources for Health: Retention, Migration and Gender researches.




The researches addressed the following questions:

1. Mapping of HRH retentiontion initiatives in Sudan, 2012: What is the experience and any lessons learnt from HRH retention initiatives in Sudan; including those based on the 16 WHO recommendations?


How mHealth can strengthen the Sudan health system

Dr Muna I. Abdel Aziz on mHealth and how it can health strengthen the health system

Public Health Forum

The Evidence Newsletter

PHI Partners

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Public Health Institute is a multi-disciplinary Institute that promotes creation of new knowledge and application of evidence-based science through delivering applied health research, professional training and teaching programs aimed at enhancing the leadership and performance of the health system and improving health and health care nationally and internationally.

The National Pulmonary Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey has been launched by the FMOH, PHI and the National TB Program and is well underway under the governance of the WHO and funding from the UNDP...

Dr. Aaron Katz, director of the Leadership, Policy and Managements track and Nancy Campbell, Global Health, University of Washington visited PHI on the 6th and 7th of this month to explore areas...